12 stones, One world

Santa~ chapter one

"Yes, ma'am."
" I don't here you! Aren't you greatful that we got you out of the forbidden forest? You would have
surly died!" Man! is Mrs. Kewi annoyin! O well I gona leave soon and to the forbidden forest! I
know on the other side is Kil-Land but at least I won't have to listen to her!

" I have always been greatful." not!" and i am getting the drink."
" Did you just back sass me?!" She said while getting up to hit me.
I hand Teki her drink.
" Did you back sass me?!"
" Yes she did mommy." said Teki.
Thunk. My cheek starts to burn. Mrs. Kewi accutally hit me. I am so getting away from here!
" Go to your room Elli, NOW!" I act sulkly to my room and shut the door.

Finally alone! Let's see... I can use the blanket like a nap-sack... I will take my hidden food in it..
. I wish i knew how long it was till Kil-Land... This will be easy! The forest is on the far side of the beach. I will go when the moon is high.
I am out of the house, running, tonight the moon is only a quarter full. The Forset is only a few feet away. I look back to see if i was followed or seen... nope and i disspear into the darkness of the forest.
"Now I only have myself, Thank you god for letting me get out!" i say out loud for the forest is starting to creep me out! I wish i knew make a mage light, Only there are no such thing in this side of the forest. I see a glow up ahead. I wonder how long I have been walking. I step out on to the forest clearing. There is a stump with a red unicorn standing by it. It turns to me.

" Hello, Elli, I am Tridient,Santa's watcher."

"Um Hi, I never knew unicorns even existed let alone talk."

" We can talk anywhere where there is magic. And you where just wishing for light just say quadaquanta."

"Quadaquata" I wisper with my hand open. A small light circle sits on my hand and goes to my shoulder." Cool, but i thought only mages could do that!"
" You can do it beacuse your wiccan and a keeper by your birthmark."
" How did you know about my birthmark?"
" I know becuase I've also been your guardain sense your birth."